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I am blessed with my job to be able to experience many wine regions first hand. While experiencing these regions I am often afforded the opportunity to experience cultural aspects of many of the places I visit as well. Over time it has occurred to me that in addition to sharing my wine experiences I should also from time to time share some of the cultural experiences as well. Therefore, it is with great excitement that I share the following travel article featured in Food, Wine, Travel Magazine.

While in Spain in early April visiting Rueda and Ribera del Duero, we spent a morning in Segovia, a charming medieval town that was once the of high importance to the Spanish empire. Having a Master’s degree in History of Christianity, and specifically studying Latin America from 16th – 18th century, the historic era of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is my wheel house. Therefore, I could not visit Segovia as any tourist, I had to view it through the eyes of a church historian.

I am so thrilled to have my first travel article published in such a beautiful magazine. Furthermore, this article is the first time my own photographs have been used along with my writing.

Please click on the title below to read more about UNESCO World Heritage Site, Segovia Spain.

Segovia’s Hidden History: A Complex Intersection of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

The link above is the digital version of the article on Segovia. However, I encourage you to please not stop there. To see the full, beautiful spread, of the article in Food, Wine, Travel Magazine (flip to pages 27 – 31), view the entire fall edition, and subscribe to the publication to click the link below.

Issue 9: Fall 2017 Food Wine Travel Magazine 

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  1. Spent four days in Segovia in ’15. Loved the vibe and the beauty. I don’t have the same connection to the churches and faith as you but admired the architecture, the power and commitment to faith that it demonstrated. The cathedral lit up in the evening is one of my favourite Spanish images.

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