Locations Wine Corse

If yellow was a flavor, this wine would be it. 

Locations Wine Corse Corisca, France

This wine pours a delicate pale gold into the glass. Vibrant and engaging fruit aromas include yellow apples, nectarines, mangos, and lemons. Balancing out the fruit are notes of ginger, jasmine, spice, and almonds. Underlying  all lies is a long vein of minerality. The wine enters the palate with a silky mouth-feel, quickly giving way to lively and prominent acidity. Mid-palate notes of nutmeg and dried herbs emerge, ending with a long lemon zest and rosemary roasted almond finish. A lively and refreshing wine that tastes like yellow.

Pair with cedar plank salmon, roasted chicken with cauliflower, Asian chicken salad, and crab cakes.

100% Vermentino

Second offering of the Locations Corse wine. Sourced from vineyards on steep hillside slopes comprised of granite and red clay soils. This unique site allows for hot days and nights, benefiting from maritime and mountain influences. The label is a Shepard’s knife, commonly found on Corsica.

Stainless steel fermentation

13.7% ABV


*Media sample; all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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