Palate Press Article: My Sonoma Fire Evacuation Experience

Happy Friday 13th. I hope you are having a great day. As many of you know I was in Sonoma on Sunday and Monday morning. Evacuating Monday morning was scary experience.  These deadly fires rage on, destroying homes, lives, and property. Northern California needs our attention, our prayers, and our assistance. Please take a moment to read my latest in Palate Press as I share my own story and the story of two others caught in these deadly fires.

Click on the title below to read my experience, as well as two others, and view the moving photographs by George Rose.

Journey Through Fire: Stories from California 

I watched the fire leap the road and ignite on the other side, feet from a vineyard. This low quality photo was taken with my iPhone.

Thank you so much for reading. Please keep Napa and Sonoma in your thoughts and prayers and help any way you are able.

10 responses to “Palate Press Article: My Sonoma Fire Evacuation Experience”

  1. Michelle, thank you for keeping attention focused on this story and the critical situation that continues. It seems the national media is losing interest, favoring more…shall we say, provocative…news stories. I’m in NorCal but well out of harm’s way. Wine country is still on fire, and the people there need our help! Thank you for sharing your frightening, first-hand story.

  2. This situation is horrific, my ex just lost his home, everything, got out with his life and nothing else. Devastating for those that live there. Thank you for bringing attention to this.

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