The Daily Meal Article: Carmenère: A Look at Chile’s Signature Grape

As Thanksgiving fast approaches our focus is on preparation. Some are prepping the meal today to make tomorrow as stress free as possible. Others are prepping to be around challenging family members (you know we all have them). While we welcome Thanksgiving to count our blessings and give thanks for our lives, I want to remind you that Friday is another celebratory grape day. It’s Carmenère Day! Chile’s most celebrated grape.

Friday is the perfect day to put down the turkey leg and grab a burger, bbq, brisket, or steak and buy a bottle of Carmenère to celebrate.  This thick-skinned black grape is a perfect Black Friday pairing!

Please take a moment to click the title below and read my latest contribution to The Daily Meal.

Carmenère: A Look at Chile’s Signature Grape

Please share on your social media platforms either this article or that one and let me know what you think about Carmenère. Many blessings to all of you and Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating tomorrow. Cheers.

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