Snooth Article: A Sicilian Wine Renaissance

In September I had the pleasure of traveling back to Sicily. This time instead of just a few days, I spent a glorious week on the island taking a deep dive into their wine, food, and culture. It was magical. I almost forgot I was working. Sicily is a fascinating place. Independent. Friendly. Diverse. Please take a moment to read my latest contribution to Snooth to learn why now is the time to embrace Sicilian wine.

While in Sicily I spent time discovering the Mt. Etna region. It reminded me of Hawaii; tropical, dark soil, active volcano, paradise. I then traveled across the island to experience a much different culture in Palermo. Its strong Moorish influences in architecture and cuisine felt more like North Africa, than “Italy.”

Please click the title below to read a brief history of Sicilian wine, how it has changed, and where it is today. Additionally, learn about the grapes you should be drinking and some wines to get you off to a delicious start.

A Sicilian Wine Renaissance: The Time to Drink Sicilian Wine is Now 

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