Snooth Article: Drink Port for Warmth This Winter

I just returned from a seven day Caribbean cruise with my family. While on the cruise my husband and I enjoyed a glass of either Dow’s 20 Year Tawny Port or Graham’s Six Grapes Port each night after dinner. Both are highly enjoyable wines. It is only fitting that as my trip was coming to an end Snooth published my latest article featuring Port.

I have not always been a Port drinker. In fact, I have only fully come to embrace Port in the past 10-12 years. This is not uncommon. It takes a higher level of wine understanding and enjoyment for many to begin drinking most sweet dessert wines, including Port. My love for Port speaks for itself if I am willing to purchase it each night by the glass at cruise ship prices.

Whether you are a Port connoisseur or novice, I encourage you to please take a moment to read my latest Snooth contribution to learn more about Port and the Symington Family. Click the title below to read the article, then please share with me on Snooth or here your thoughts about Port in general and the Symington Family’s portfolio of Port.

Drink Port for Warmth this Winter 


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