Forbes Article: Obstacles Emerging Wine Regions Must Overcome 

My latest Forbes article is one of the most fulfilling I have written. It looks at obstacles emerging wine regions must overcome through the experiences of nine wine makers in Texas, Arizona, and Idaho. I pitched this article idea to many major wine publications, digital and print. It was declined time and again because the editors did not feel it was interesting to wine consumers/readers, or they had already covered these regions in a different manner. Ironically, creating yet another obstacle for these regions to overcome.

Today, I am humbled to share the voices of these winemakers as part of my contribution to Forbes. Please take a moment to read it to learn their perspectives of wine making in emerging regions, then let me know if you find it interesting. Thank you!

Obstacles Emerging Wine Regions Must Overcome 

If you feel so moved, please share on your social media channels so these winemakers voices can be heard. Thank you so much. Cheers!

7 responses to “Forbes Article: Obstacles Emerging Wine Regions Must Overcome ”

  1. Michelle, excellent article! I am guilty of being an unforgiving consumer when it comes to local wine. Three cheers for these winemakers. I agree the fear of the unfamiliar often prohibits us from experiencing the wonderful. Hopefully, they can change that perspective and put Texas, Arizona & Idaho varietals on the consumer’s map.

  2. Thank you Michelle! Wonderful article. My wife Pam and I own the Plymouth Bay Winery in America’s Hometown, Plymouth, MA. We share your winemaker’s opinions about educating our guests on our Massachusetts wines. We focus on making our guests Experience Delicious. We offer sampling of fruit based wines (Cranberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and local grape varietals Cayuga, Concord and Diamond) and generate ideas for them to incorporate into their own shared experience at home. Additionally, they get to try our wine jellies, wine sauces and even our wine chocolates. A free downloadable PBW Playbook is available on own website and gives drink, sangria and food recipes. We appreciate that our guests have taken their time to visit us. We hope that by sampling our products AND giving them ideas on how to use them, our guests will create unforgettable memories of their own and let their friends and family know about as well .

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