Forbes Article: Napa Valley Riesling: Then and Now

Did you know Riesling was once the second most planted grape in Napa Valley? Although times have changed, high quality dry Riesling can still be found in Napa Valley.
“I planted Riesling in 1972, because I thought then, as I still believe today, that Riesling is one of the four most important wine grapes in the world,” proclaims Stu Smith, Managing Partner and Enologist of Smith-Madrone Winery, “Fortunately, Napa Valley is down to just a few wineries that care about making quality Riesling.”

Learn more about the history of Riesling in Napa and four producers you should try right away in my latest for Forbes.

Napa Valley Riesling: Then And Now 

Thank you so much for taking a moment to click on the title above and read the article. I am fascinating by the history and in love with these four wines.


7 responses to “Forbes Article: Napa Valley Riesling: Then and Now”

  1. Hey, Michelle, thanks for the article, indeed there’s not a lot of information about american Reislings, especially here in Europe. If I got it right, thoses wineries Reisling sales are still rather low, at least comparing to other more known varieties?

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