Forbes Article: Rioja Alavesa: Going Its Own Way

The Rioja region in northern Spain has historically classified wines based on cellar treatment, rather than vineyard or village designation. A consortium within the northern sub-region of Rioja Alavesa seeks to change this by lobbying Rioja’s Consejo Regulador to alter their labeling laws, threatening to form their own DO if Rioja does not comply. What does this mean for the region and the consumer? Learn more in my latest article for Forbes.

Rioja Alavesa: Going Its Own Way

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One response to “Forbes Article: Rioja Alavesa: Going Its Own Way”

  1. Interesting article, Michelle. I read many times that the best fruit comes from Rioja Alta, but this is beside the point. I do not necessarily understand why the should be made into such a big issue – this problem exists everywhere where the wine is made, and it is successfully solved in most of the cases – Barolo, for example. Keep it Rioja, but allow to add a designation, such as Rioja Alavesa, if the X percentage of the fruit comes from this area… People who advocate the creation of the separate DO simply don’t understand the amount of effort they will need to put into promoting it – and fighting all the legal battles…

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