Wandering Into June With Lubanzi Wine And #WinePW

This month the #WinePW gang is traveling across the ocean to explore Wines of South Africa. Having enjoyed many wines from this region, I am thrilled to participate and share a fun wine and food pairing.

Jennifer Martin, Vino Travels, is graciously hosting our group this month, and has procured some samples as well.

Disclosure: media sample; all thoughts & opinions my own.

I received a wine from an unfamiliar winery, Lubanzi, but was immediately attracted to its label, and the story on the back. In 2014, two exchange students from the United States, Charles Brain and Walker Brown, began a six day, 100 mile journey to hike the Wild Coast. On their second day, a wandering dog, called Lubanzi, began following them, sticking with them the entire journey, only to disappear on their last night.

In 2016, the two returned to South Africa with a vision to start a business that would connect Americans with the country, its people, and top-notch wines. They met with over 40 producers, negotiants, and independent wine makers to source wine as a part of a larger vision they were trying to build—“a young, innovative, and socially responsible wine brand built on the concepts of collaboration & exploration, with a ‘locally run, globally minded’ mantra,” states their web site.

They partnered with The Pebble Project, a non-profit who provides health and education services to the families who work in South African vineyards, to establish a more “complete and equitable supply chain.”

2018 Lubanzi Chenin Blanc Swartland South Africa ($18): light lemon in the glass; notes of apple, peach, jasmine, ginger, and bees wax leap from the glass. The palate is fresh and lively with vibrant acidity and a long fruit-forward finish.


I paired the Chenin Blanc with Juicy Grilled Pork Chops with a Spicy Peach Glaze, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and a Peach Panzanella Salad with Burrata and Bacon. It was a perfect al fresco meal—light, crisp, a touch of sweetness from the peaches—and a great way to welcome June!


My #WinePW friends came up with great pairings as well. Check these out:  

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Please join our Twitter chat tomorrow morning at 10CST using #winepw to share your love of South African wine!

7 responses to “Wandering Into June With Lubanzi Wine And #WinePW”

  1. I’m going to see if I can locate a bottle of this Lubanzi wine since it got such great reviews and I think I will steal your idea of pairing with grilled pork with a fruit glaze.

  2. Grill pork chops are so versatile in terms of pairing with wines. The Lubanzi Chenin Blanc that has all then right notes – lemon, apple, peach, jasmine, ginger, and honey is spot-on with the chops, spicy peach sauce, peach panzanella salad with burrata and bacon!

  3. Your pairings look delicious! On a different note, I went to the Lubanzi website to investigate a bit more. A very interesting, thoughtful approach. Negociants, yes, but with admirable ideals and a willingness to share the benefits with their growers and others. There’s more to a negociant than meets the eye.

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