Moldova Wine Day

After reading my Wine-Searcher article, “Democracy In A Glass: The Return Of Moldovan Wine,” many of you reached out to me, baffled, explaining you had never heard of Moldova, much less knew they produced wine. Now is your chance to learn more about the country and its wines in a free National Wine Day webinar.

Join me along with an esteemed list of wine professionals in celebration of Moldova’s National Wine Day tomorrow at noon eastern time (that’s 11am central and 9am pacific) for an information packed hour on Moldovan wine.

Here are the details: 

In the spirit of global unity and in celebration of National Wine Day, Wine of Moldova is excited to invite you to a truly international event – My Wine Day webinar and masterclass.

Now in its 19th year, National Wine Day was created to recognize the significance of wine-making and viticulture in the country of Moldova. This year, we are taking the event online, to invite our friends and colleagues from around the world to join in enjoying a glass of Moldovan wine.

Host Jamie Goode, London-based wine writer, lecturer, and judge, will lead an esteemed panel of speakers from nine countries to explore the winemaking traditions of Moldova: from its indigenous grape varieties to its rich culture and exciting future.

◆ Julia Scavo, sommelier (Romania/France)
◆ Jacques Orhon MS, lecturer and author (Québec)
◆ Frank Smulders MW, consultant and educator (Netherlands)
◆ Robert Joseph, wine expert and consultant (UK)
◆ Michelle Williams, wine, food, and travel writer (USA)
◆ André Devald, wine specialist and author (Denmark)
◆ Marc Vanhellemont, wine and gastronomy journalist (Belgium/France)
◆ Chung Tao Hsieh, wine and gastronomy journalist (Taiwan/China)
◆ Mihail Druta, chef and sommelier (Moldova)

Date: Saturday, October 3

Time: 5:00 PM (London) | 6:00 PM (Paris) | 7:00 PM (Chisinau) | 12:00 PM (New York)

Register here:

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