Off-Target Herbicide Drift Threatens Vineyards Across U.S.

In my first article for Wine Business Monthly I tackle a topic so important, it threatens the very existence of the US wine we enjoy.

An example of off-target drift damage to a vineyard in Willamette Valley.

While it cannot be seen, grape growers, row crop farmers, chemical companies, and the EPA are well aware of the danger of off-target herbicide drift.

Vineyards are being destroyed-grape crops decimated, with growers facing economic losses in the millions.

And yet, this past October, the EPA approved the use of the herbicide causing this destruction for four more years!

My recent article for Wine Business Monthly, explores this tragic situation and shared the first hand account of wine growers across the US.

As lovers of fine wine, grape growers need you to know what’s happening. I humbly ask you to please read this article.

Off-Target Herbicide Drift Threatens Vineyards Across U.S.

More off-target drift vineyard damage

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