What If The Wine Industry Adopted A First Do No Harm Mentality?

What If The Wine Industry Adopted A First Do No Harm Mentality?

As an agricultural product, wine is uniquely positioned to illuminate and educate on an array of significant issues facing us today. Therefore, I have launched a new series within my Forbes column with an emphasis on first do no harm.

The focus will be on sharing stories of those seeking to elevate environmental and sustainability awareness from soil to glass by taking positive steps to protect the earth, workers, and wine drinkers.

The goal is to raise consumer awareness of the impact of wine on the environment and ways wine is leading agriculture in combating climate change with the hope educated and conscientious wine lovers will make more thoughtful consumption choices, supporting those in the industry who are seeking to first do no harm.

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What If The Wine Industry Adopted A First Do No Harm Mentality?

I am so thankful for my loyal RockRedBlog audience. You have all stuck with me for many years, which is why I continue to share my published articles here too. This new series means so much to me – it is my true heart for the wine industry and for all of us to be more conscientious in our production and consumption. Thank you for your wonderful support.

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