Bourgogne Grapples With Fighting Frost Without Producing Emissions

Spring frost has been a reality for wine regions for years. However, more recently warmer winters are resulting in vines “waking up” earlier.

Delicate new buds are easily destroyed by frost. Additionally, frost negatively impacts yield and fruit quality. A severe frost event can wipe out an entire vintage.

In an effort to avoid catastrophic losses, like in 2021, Bourgogne wineries employ a wide range of active frost prevention techniques. From torches and heated wooden cauldrons, paraffin candles, burning vine clippings, portable wind machines, and even helicopters, each of these choices produce carbon emissions.

In seeking to first do no harm: Why are carbon dioxide producing active methods such widely utilized options for fighting frost in Bourgogne vineyards, and elsewhere?

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Bourgogne Grapples With Fighting Frost Without Producing Emissions

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Combating climate change perturbations without creating more issues is a complicated issue for all of us.

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