The Dirty Truth Soil Health Plays In Wine

Walking through Joseph Cattin’s Le Clos Madelon Alsatian vineyard, it’s hard to imagine it once being a World War I battleground.

The fully covered ground is soft, sponge-like under foot. Chickens forage freely through the vineyard. Indiscriminately extracted plugs of earth reveals moist, living soil teeming with microbial life.

Modern scientific advancements expand beyond soil type, revealing a vast microbial world exists within living soil.

Why should wine drinkers care?

Research indicates this world is vital in producing high quality wine, and, when properly managed, offers potential in combating climate change.

And, wine drinkers play a key role….

Learn more in my latest article for Forbes. Here is the link:

The Dirty Truth Soil Health Plays In Wine

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